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White Rose Cluster Bouquet

White Rose Cluster Bouquet


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The White Rose Cluster Bouquet comes with five pens.  Each pen has a white rose, white daisy, and pink wildflowers. 

Because there are several flowers on one pen, this bouquet looks very full.  These colors are also very calming and beautiful. 

These pens are tied together with a matching pink ribbon.  They can be given in a cluster with a ribbon or in a vase or pot. 

No matter what they are displayed in, they will look lovely.


Fun Flower Facts:

Flower Bullet

The white rose presents purity and innocence, while the white daisy represents new beginnings.

Flower Bullet

Pink represents beauty and white represents purity, so together it is a perfect combination.

Flower Bullet

The French often make rose syrup from the extract of the petals.

The White Rose Cluster Bouquet can look great on many different occasions.  Because of the small pink wildflowers, this bouquet would look great in a girls baby shower or at a wedding shower. 

The soft petals and colors of this pen make this bouquet gorgeous in any setting.  These flowers would look amazing on a desk or as a centerpiece.  Also, given as a gift would be great to show you care. 

In any vase or pot, these White Rose Cluster Pens do not look like pens.  They can easily be mistaken for the real thing.


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