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White Poinsettia Pen

White Poinsettia Pen



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This White Poinsettia Pen has a very large flower on it.  It also is full of glitter to give it some more spirit. 

The Poinsettia is great for the holiday season around Christmas. It will bring joy to any room it is put in. 

This pen is large enough to look amazing by itself, but can also be grouped with smaller silver poinsettias or holly.  Feel free to design your own bouquet.


Fun Flower Facts:

Flower Bullet

The Poinsettia can be grown as a bush or a tree.

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This is the most popular holiday plant to have or give as a gift.

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80% of all Poinsettias are bought by women.

The White Poinsettia Pen will look great for any holiday occasion.  If you are trying to find something to take to that one holiday party you attend every year, this would be perfect. 

Because it is not the real plant, it will last longer.  It can be stored and used year after year.  Also, if you often play games with the family around Christmas, this would be a perfect pen for keeping score. 

Enjoy the holiday spirit with a gorgeous flower pen.


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