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Snowy Pinecone Pen

Snowy Pinecone Pen


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The Snowy Pinecone Pen is a wonderful winter accessory. 

Maybe you don’t get any snow where you live, or maybe you get several feet of snow. It doesn’t matter because this pen will represent the season and what there should be. 

The pen also has gold glitter on the pine needles.  This is the ultimate winter pen.


Fun Flower Facts:

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The longest pinecones can be over a foot long.

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North Carolina’s state tree is the Pine Tree.

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Often people turn pinecones into bird feeders with peanut butter and bird seed.

This is a wonderful addition to your winter season.  These Snowy Pinecone Pens will look wonderful as a centerpiece when playing games or at work for your customers and clients to use. 

Just think about a trip to a cabin in the winter, sitting by the fire playing poker with your friends.  You need someone to be taking score. 

They can be using your winter pen that matches perfectly with the occasion.  Everyone will love it, just make sure you beat them at poker.

If you like these pinecones, maybe you should check out the Red Pinecone Pen.


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