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Silver Poinsettia Pen

Silver Poinsettia Pen


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The Silver Poinsettia Pen is a great winter flower.  It would be lovely around the time of snow. 

Because they are mainly popular in December, they should be brought out in the winter. 

You can keep them out through January.

Fun Flower Facts:

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December 12th is the National Poinsettia day.

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The less pollen you see on a Poinsettia, the fresher the plant is.

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Poinsettias are poisonous to humans.

This Silver Poinsettia Pen is great for decorating in a winter theme.  You can bunch these pens with other pens that have snow on them, the white poinsettia, or some holly with berries.

All these combinations would be a great winter theme for any location.  This would look amazing in a vase in your living room.  You never know when you’ll get a phone call about a party or someone calling you to wish you happy holidays and you have to write something down. 

Instead of searching around the house for a pen, just walk to your decorative centerpiece and pull out a pen.


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