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Red Poppy Pen

Red Poppy Pen - Katie's Flower Pens


***SOLD OUT***

Because the Red Poppy blooms in the spring and summer, this pen would be best to use for decorating in those seasons. 

This Red Poppy Pen is excellent to have around because they are such beautiful flowers. 

Many people try to cut them from gardens to bring inside in a bouquet, but they are so fragile that they don’t last very long.

Fun Flower Facts:

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There was a ballet created in 1927 called The Red Poppy.

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The Red Poppy is the world’s most popular wildflower.

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These fragile flowers grow to be 12-14 inches tall.

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Once cut, these flowers only last a few hours before the petals start to fall.

This Red Poppy Pen is so lovely in the summer around the 4th of July.  Pair this pen with a Blue Rose with Droplets Pen and you will have a wonderful patriotic decoration. 

This type of flower looks great anywhere and everyone will love it.  Even if you just have one Poppy in the house by the phone, it will look absolutely lovely to anyone who walks by. 

Everyone will be hoping the phone will ring so they can write a message with your one and only Red Poppy Pen.


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