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Red Pinecone Pen

Red Pinecone Pen


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This pen actually has a variety on it.  There is a red pinecone, a small red apple, and lots of gold sparkly glitter on the tips. 

These colors are perfect for the holiday season.  The combination not only looks amazing, but it is a great disguise for a writing utensil.


Fun Flower Facts:

Flower Bullet

A pinecone is actually a fruit of the pine tree.

Flower Bullet

North Carolina’s state tree is the Pine Tree.

Flower Bullet

Pinecones are very popular for Christmas decorations.

If you put this pen on the desk in a cup next to a register, nobody will think to pick it up to write with it.  Let your customers know that this combination is a pen and they will love it. 

There will be a conversation starter with this pen and it will look amazing at the register.  This combination also looks amazing when grouped with the Snowy Pinecone Pen and the Red Bell Pen.

Putting just 3 pens together like that will give a very full look of a wonderful combination.  Try it out and pay attention to your customer’s reactions.  You might also earn some bonus points with your boss for being this creative.

If you like this combination, maybe you should check out the Snowy Pinecone Pen.


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