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Purple Tulip Pen

Purple Tulip Pen


Purple Tulip Pens are most popular in the spring, which is when they bloom.

These would be perfect decorations around Easter or the beginning of spring. 

The elegant flowers are very seasonal when seen planted, but you can prolong the beauty of the season by leaving the Purple Tulip Pen out longer.


Fun Flower Facts:

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The tulip is one of the most popular spring flowers.

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Tulip bulbs were once used as currency in Holland.

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For these beautiful flowers to bloom, the bulbs must be planted in the winter or autumn before.

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The life span of a tulip is three to seven days.

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The national flower of Turkey is the tulip.

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Tulips represent many things such as passion, declaration of love, and fame.


The Purple Tulip Pen can be a great decoration at an Easter event when searching for eggs.  Also, if you are going to a spring party, bring a bundle of these purple tulips to cheer up the center of the table. 

These flowers are simply mind blowing when seen in large amounts.  The perfectly straight stems and bright colors can make anyone love spring.  This flower is also great by itself in your office to liven up your workspace.  Bring one or two to work with you and you can enjoy spring while stuck inside.


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