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Purple Tulip Bouquet

Purple Tulip Bouquet


Ribbon Selection:

The Purple Tulip Bouquet is most popular in the spring because these flawless flowers represent the warm weather. 

These would be perfect for reunions, weddings, or decorating your home as the season turns. 

You can prolong the beauty of these elegant flowers by leaving them out longer than they last when planted. 

This Purple Tulip Bouquet has seven stems.  The pot is not offered on this site, but they can be bundled together with a ribbon.


Fun Flower Facts:

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Blue is the only color a Tulip does not naturally grow.

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There are 3,000 different varieties of Tulips available in the market today.

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Bulbs for Tulips must be planted in the fall or winter in order to bloom in the spring.

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Tulips are a sign of passion, love, and romance.

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The average height of a Tulip is 10-70 centimeters.

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There are 3 types of Tulips: Early flowering, midseason flowering, and late flowering.

The Purple Tulip Bouquet would be mind blowing when seen at the center of a table around Easter.  Tulips are perfect when searching for Easter eggs.  Also, if you are going to a spring party, bring this bouquet as a gift and the host will always have a spring decoration that can be used as pens as well.


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