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Orange Gerbera Daisy Pen

Orange Gerbera Daisy


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This Orange Gerbera Daisy Pen is great all year round.  Even though they mainly bloom in the spring and summer months, these wonderful colors can be used in the fall and nobody will second guess it.


Fun Flower Facts:

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The Gerbera Daisy keeps deer away.

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This flower is in the world’s top ten most popular flower list.

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When put in a vase, the gerbera daisy can last up to twelve days.

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The man who discovered this flower is Robert Jameson.

Are you a Tennessee fan?  These flower pens are great for celebrating any team that has orange as the main color.  You can take this pen with you whenever you are decorated in your top notch spirit wear.  Also, this is a great decoration for any fall event. 

'If you are having a Halloween party, these would be great to have around in a vase or pot.  You never know when you will end up playing a board game with your guests where every player needs a pen. 

Also, if you are carving pumpkins, you need a pen to draw the picture on your pumpkin.  Why not use a festive pen that matches the theme?  These Orange Gerbera Daisy Pens are great in many different situations.


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