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Orange Dahlia Pen

Orange Dahlia Pen


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The Orange Dahlia Pen is a very unique and beautiful accent to your life. 

This flower is very large and will look amazing in any room.  The Dahlia blooms in late summer and early fall, so they are great when the season is changing. 

Add this large flower with some marigolds or bottlebrush and it would make a lovely bouquet.


Fun Flower Facts:

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The Dahlia is known to be one of the most spectacular flowers.

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These large flowers are native to Mexico.

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Dahlias can grow to be one to six feet tall.

This flower is very visible and beautiful.  Anyone who uses it as a pen will be truly amazed.  Bundle this flower with other small flower pens and you will have a perfect decoration on your desk or at the checkout counter. 

You will fool everyone who needs a pen because they will never think your vase of perfect flowers double as pens. 

This flower would also be amazing as a gift.  Anyone who opens an unexpected box and sees this flawless pen will be so excited.


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