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Gold Poinsettia Pen

Gold Poinsettia Pen


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This Gold Poinsettia Pen is lovely in the winter months with other gold accents. 

It would look absolutely stunning with some holly and red berries or some gold pinecones. 

It is definitely a flower for late November through early January. 

It may be short lived, but everyone will be truly amazed when they see them.


Fun Flower Facts:

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There are over 100 varieties of poinsettias.

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Both birds and insects pollinate poinsettias.

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The poinsettia has several nicknames such as “Lobster Flower”.

This very rich looking Gold Poinsettia looks amazing anywhere you put it.  Make a centerpiece of these pens on a table outside next to a nice fire in the fireplace. 

You can sit around and play cards with your friends while keeping score with these sophisticated pens.  Everyone will be in awe about how festive you are being, while sipping on some apple cider. 

Your guests won’t even realize these flowers are pens until you point them out and start writing with them.  They will also look great with other combinations of flowers I have created.  Feel free to build your own bouquet.


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