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Gold Ball Pen

Gold Ball Pen


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This Gold Ball Pen is mainly just for decoration.  It can be by itself or bundled with holiday flower pens. 

It is mainly for the holiday season but would also be great for the new year.  This decoration is a gold ball that looks a lot like a firework.


Fun Flower Facts:

Flower Bullet

The first fireworks in the 800’s were meant to scare away evil spirits.

Flower Bullet

In the 1400’s, Italy was the main manufacturer location for fireworks.

Flower Bullet

The color gold represents health and wealth.

If you are planning a new year’s eve party, this pen would be great for a centerpiece of a table with snacks.  People can use this pen for anything and still be in the excitement and spirit of the new year. 

This pen also goes well with poinsettias as an added decoration to a bouquet.  There are several ways to use this decoration.  It can look amazing by itself in a pen cup as well. 

It will always be fun to use, any time of the year because of its amazing sparkles and odd shape.

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