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Bottlebrush Pen

Bottlebrush Pen


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The Bottlebrush Pen is from the Bottlebrush plant, which is considered to be a shrub or tree. 

The flowers look a lot like an actual brush used for a bottle.  That is where it got the name, Bottlebrush. 

This pen likes warmer temperatures, so they can be appropriate in any season but winter. 

Because of the color of these that I have created, they look amazing in autumn and with other fall colored flowers.


Fun Flower Facts:

Flower Bullet

These plants are normally found in Australia.

Flower Bullet

The bottlebrush plant can grow up to 15 feet.

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These plants do not like really cold weather, but they love water.

These Bottlebrush Pens look great in a cluster or with other fall colored flowers.  They are a great accent to any bouquet to give it a little more character. 

If you have a grouping of other fall flower pens and want to give it a little more variety, this is a great pen to mix in the middle or put in the back.  It is taller than most other pens, so it will stand up in the back nicely. 

These would also be great for a more masculine arrangement.  If you work somewhere that attracts men, such as Home Depot, these would be a great alternate plan for the pens at the register.


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